China ship disaster: 65 confirmed dead, hundreds still missing

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Sixty-five people are now confirmed dead, after a cruise ship capsized on China’s Yangtze river.

More than 370 people are still missing, three days after the disaster.

As rescuers begin cutting holes in the hull of the Eastern Star to get better access, families are becoming increasingly angry and frustrated. They have been gathering at the scene to demand answers.

There are just 14 survivors so far, including the ship’s captain, and hopes of finding any more are fading fast.

The ship had been on an 11-day day voyage upstream from Nanjing, near Shanghai, to Chongqing, when it flipped over in a freak tornado on Monday night.

Relatives are calling on the government to release names of survivors and the dead. They also want to know why most of those rescued are crew members and why no alarm was sounded at the time of the disaster.

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