Greek salad has caused outrage for being ‘stingy’

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Greek salad has caused outrage for being ‘stingy’

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  • September 14th 2018
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Greek salad has caused outrage for being ‘stingy’

Greek salad has caused outrage for being ‘stingy’

This salad served at a Greek festival left Aussies furious.Source:Instagram

A Greek salad served at a festival over the weekend has been slammed for being “stingy” and severely lacking in vital ingredients.

The offending item was reportedly served at the Semaphore Greek Festival in Adelaide over the weekend and has since been shared on a local Instagram account — and people are furious.

Among the many gripes people have with the traditional dish is the fact it’s being served with an Italian dressing, as well a minimal serving of feta cheese.

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@jogilges04 was served this yesterday at the Semaphore “Greek” Festival.

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“Clearly has lettuce in it so not a Greek salad,” one disgruntled user wrote.

“The major problem here is lack of feta,” another said.

“Stingy on the feta front and Italian dressing was probably a bad addition,” someone else declared.

Others looked at the basic offering and branded it “heartbreaking” and an “embarrassment”.

“Ouch this hurts to look at,” a commenter said.

According to the event’s website, the two-day celebration that ran over the weekend features live music and authentic food showcasing Greek culture is a fundraiser by the local Greek Orthodox Community for its local church.

But while a traditional Greek salad is made up of tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, Kalamata olives, capsicum and feta and is served seasoned with oregano and dressed with lemon juice or red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing — this appears to have completely missed the mark.

Greek salad has caused outrage for being ‘stingy’

This is what it should look like, with heaps of cucumber, tomato, capsicum, red onion, feta and olives with olive oil. You can argue over whether lettuce is an acceptable addition or not.Source:istock

While it’s not known who the vendor was selling the uninspiring dish, some have leapt to their defence citing the huge crowds as a problem.

“There were over 15,000 people there and long queues when waiting for food,” one person said. “Maybe that’s why it’s a bit sloppy.”

Others saw the funny side, making jokes about how the dressing debacle proves Italian cuisine is the better food.

“See, even the Greeks know Italian’s the way to go,” one person teased.

“Clearly us Italians created the Greek salad,” another laughed.

A spokesperson for the Semaphore Greek Festival told that they too had “laughed” about the dressing choice — but refuted any suggestion there was outrage over the salad.

“The satirical site shitadelaide’s post explains that the original post was part of a long standing joke in the local community,” they said.

“In reality, there was no outrage during or after the festival, only very happy eaters, as proven by the numbers.”

They added that the free 2-day event is run by 320 volunteers “who take pride in their cooking” and the salad was just a complementary that’s “charged at a very small fee”.

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Greek salad has caused outrage for being ‘stingy’

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