Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

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Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

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  • August 28th 2018
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Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

A man has disturbed the entire internet with his bizarre eating habit.Source:Facebook

WARNING: Distressing content ahead.

A McDonald’s fan has nearly destroyed the internet after posting a photograph online that shows how he likes to consume one of his favourite foods.

Sameer Jafri, from Louisiana, decided to upload a photograph of a recent snack purchase to Facebook at the weekend — McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and four sauces.

His photo was accompanied by a simple question that has gone viral, making him a household name.

“Do y’all peel your nuggets?” Sameer asked.

Do we … what?

Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

Sameer appears to have meticulously removed every piece of batter from his nuggets.Source:Facebook

The horrific photo shows five nuggets — naked as the day they were born — standing to attention in the corner of a fold-out box.

Surrounding their bare, butchered backs are four open dipping sauce trays.

To the terror of thousands of people who witnessed this photo, a pile of shredded, deep fried batter sits in the opposite compartment.

The batter that once encased those poor, cold chicken bites.

Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

The naked nuggets.Source:Facebook

Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

The nuggets’ batter, cruelly ripped from their backs.Source:Facebook

To say the internet was triggered by Sameer’s meticulously peeled nuggets would be a significant understatement.

The post was shared almost 19,000 times, with more than 5,000 people commenting on what has been described as a “monstrous” act.

The reactions ranged from pure shock to admissions of physical illness, as people tried desperately to make sense of these naked nugs.

“I’m about to have a stroke,” one man wrote.

“It’s a sin,” one woman exclaimed.

Several others declared they were “deeply, deeply disturbed”.

Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

Who knew so many people had such strong views on Maccas chicken nuggets?Source:istock

Some people suggested the very deliberate and merciless technique of skinning a chicken McNugget gave off “serial killer vibes”, while others said it was just a “damn disgrace”.

Die hard chicken nugget fans even suggested the person who did this “should be sent to prison”.

“Why would someone do such a thing?” one man asked the universe.

“That’s it, the human race has ruined nuggets.”

One woman controversially outed her own friend, asking if she still peeled her chicken nuggets.

“Yes, but never in front of people. I get too much abuse,” the woman responded.

Within the chorus of rage, there were pockets of people who claimed to harbour the same affliction.

“This was me as a kid,” one girl said.

Another chimed in: “I thought I was the only person that did this.”

“See? I am normal!” one person desperately tried to tell their friends and family.

Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

The people have spoken: This is how a chicken nugget should be eaten.Source:istock

Now, I’m the first to admit we all have different eating habits and styles.

Some of us are dainty eaters, while others prefer to shovel our food in our pie hole as fast as we can.

Some people like their food groups separated and neatly arranged, while others prefer to combine those groups into an indecipherable mash.

But, as we witnessed today, there are some people in this world whose eating habits are so bizarre that they should be kept behind closed doors.

And at the end of this distressing ordeal, I’m pretty sure Sameer got the answer to his question.

No, mate. We do not peel our nuggets.

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Man’s ‘disgraceful’ Maccas eating habit has shocked everyone

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